Who we are.

Daydreaming gets a bad rap. People constantly get discouraged from pondering questions, fantasizing about the future and letting their minds wander.

What a load of codswallop. Daydreaming is wonderful. It’s how inspiration strikes. It doesn’t matter if you’re building marketing campaigns or rockets to the moon. Thinking matters.

That was what drove us to create Avapond. We wanted to help companies write better words. And better words need better thinking.

In fact, that’s why we’re called Avapond. It comes from us constantly saying: “I’ll have to ‘ave a ponder.”

Meet our founders

Here are the happy duo that originally daydreamed about putting together an agency. With over 17 years combined experience, we’ve worked across a range of brands and industries, from gaming to finance.

Lewis Dowling

Head of words

Your wordsmith, with over 10 years working on tone of voice, naming, content and training projects.

Sarah Impey

Head of ideas

Your marketing wizard, with over 7 years working on marketing strategy, content, campaigns and project management.

So what have we worked on?

We’ve helped gaming companies present webinars. Ghostwritten blogs for chief executives. Overhauled the text in apps and websites. Tidied up job descriptions. And spiced up the voices of companies from gaming to finance.

We focus on four areas: writing, training, strategy and branding. So whether you need an extra hand with your marketing content, your customer experience or your internal communications, we can help.


Where our work has been featured

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