Dare to think.

Good writing always comes down to good thinking. So we dare to think – to daydream, brainstorm and come up with ideas. And to write those ideas clearly.

We specialise in four areas

Which do you need a hand with?


Blogs. Ads. User interfaces. Loo signs. Whatever you need, we can write it and make sure it’s in your tone of voice.


Get your teams up to speed. Whether they need to learn basic writing skills or how to make a killer presentation.


Decide your plan and make sure it’s easy to remember. Run workshops, brainstorm and put it all together.


Your brand’s personality, narrative, values and tone of voice. Tie it all together and link back to your objectives.

Work with us

Do you know how to enthrall a reader? How to engage an audience while explaining a complicated idea? Are you able to conjure up ideas at a snap of a finger?

Or maybe you’re a whizz at Excel, a lord of time and managing projects, or have a keen eye for colour wheels and scribbly art styles?

Whatever your talents, we’d love to hear from you. And if you’re an agency looking to partner up, let us know.

Who we’ve
worked with

Our team has worked on projects from gaming to finance. Telecoms to deodorant. Charity to crayons.

“I’ve worked with (and for) Lewis for years. And there’s one thing in his repertoire that I’ve always tried to emulate: he sets high standards, for himself and others, and doesn’t compromise on them.”
Matt Phil Carver
Pen for hire
“Sarah brings creative thinking to the table in everything she does. Works fantastically well on a brief, and understands what you want to achieve even before you do. More importantly, she is dedicated to delivering a high-standard.”
Diana Abu-Ziater
Marketing Pro
“Lewis was instrumental in getting us off the ground. He offered a flexible approach to working with us as a consulting editor, suggesting post topics, a tone of voice, a writing brief and sourcing writers which worked really well.”
Alasdair Page
It’s Not Rocket Surgery

Check out our work

We’ve been busy bees, so here are a few snapshots of what we’ve been doing.

Which words are right for you?